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Answering the essential question: After reading this book what will you do from now on?


  • I, on personal level, after having read this book will do an autoanalysis about my conduct, about how I'm guiding myself on the path of life, for me, this book has been an incentive even to perfect and shape my behaviour. That many times I have tried to correct but failed. But now, I have started my definite change I am 100% sure of definitely succeeding. I won't hesitate before any obstacles, I won’t be indifferent before the facts, I won't surrender for nothing in this world. “I wish books like this will be published, for the people to value what they have and face the challenges of life with confidence and determination.

    Hockinzon Gianmarco Guerreros, Peru

  • If we don’t change our thoughts and actions, we will destroy this planet that gives us life and protection.

    Lucero Ticona, Bolivia

  • Try to change the defects with a conscious attitude and put into practice the mutual respect towards other people and to our marvellous planet. Maybe it is too late to avoid the contamination and to neglect the other people, but it is never too late to learn or to change

    María Leticia Argüello Legizamon, Holy Family College, 7th grade

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