A book for all


The Free Reading Programme "A Book For All" is available to the entire community in the UK. We share the book Hercolubus Or Red Planet by author VM Rabolu with all sections of society without distinction in order to work for the common good. Around the world and in the UK this reading programme takes places in various scenarios, creating consciousness for the changes that are required for the benefit of the planet, the community and ourselves.



Young people can get in touch with new ideas in a quiet reading enviroment, so they can study this short book.This is followed by a reflective process allowing them to express their creative understanding by writing down their unique thoughts on what they have read.

Students respond positively to this project and this is demonstrated by the comments and inspiring feedback we receive.

The reading session normally takes 40 minutes and has been warmly received by teachers as well as students.

If you would like us to visit your University, College or Educational Institution then please contact us so we can organise a free reading event anywhere in the U.K.



Our volunteers also visit places such as shops, cafes and restuarants where the employees or staff have the opportunity to read the book in their lunch break or free time. We then collect the books a few days later.



In South America indigenous groups have invited the reading programme "A Book For All" into their communities. They are the guardians of a unique and ancient culture and they take very seriously the welfare of nature and the planet. 

These wise peoples who have a deep understanding of the laws of nature, recognise their culture in the work Hercolubus Or Red Planet and they have clearly expressed this in their comments on this work.

The book has been translated into many languages so in the UK if your first language isn't English you still can take part in our free reading programme "A Book For All". We have already approached the Romany Gypsy community as well as the Chinese, Turkish, Spanish and Polish speaking Communities.



Another of our lending schemes is where volunteers leave books at family homes to be collected a few days later.