Hercolubus or Red Planet

The book Hercolubus or Red Planet was written by Colombian author VM Rabolu (1926-2000) and was first published in 1998 in South America.

The book states that the giant planet Hercolubus, 5 times the size of Jupiter, is heading towards our Solar System. It also clarifies the increasing influence the planet will have on Earth as it gets ever closer - Importantly it sheds light on what we as individuals can do in front of this situation.

The author also speaks clearly about advanced Extraterrestrial life on other planets and Interplanetary Spaceships. He expands on these subjects explaining about their culture and way of life. V.M. Rabolu reveals in a clear and simple language how you can also verify his statements.

Other subjects in this book include atomic experiments on the ocean floor which have caused ecological and geological damage to the planet such as tsunamis, earthquakes and extreme weather.

The author of this short and accessible book put a lot of emphasis on the reader studying this work in great detail and highlighted the importance of the final 2 chapters "Astral Projection" and "How to Dissolve the Ego".

He invites the reader to make their own personal investigations and their own discoveries and conclusions so they can leave the theory behind and get to the facts....

VM Rabolu

VM Rabolu