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Answering the essential question: After reading this book what will you do from now on?


  • This book is very interesting, it shows us many realities of our planet and I think we should change, as much in the way to be as the way we act. I am going to change my life, we should take care and protect what God left us on to live.

    Macberry Quninoz, Panama

  • This book is truly an inspiration, made me think about myself. Society is really blind to the real world….I hope future generations will live and take note of what is happening in this world.

    Dawn Manning, London

  • Well it is a beautiful message that the author wants to transmit and is the following one: we have to care of our own planet, more than anything, because otherwise our home will be extinguished forever.

    Hugo Ernesto Zeons, Mexico

  • This is the easiest and quickest book I have ever read. I agree with the idea about the countries which misuse the scientific inventions or ideas. My life philosophy is to fight against the bad and help the weak.

    Mr Nurten, London

  • Very impressive - Keeps you thinking about the future. I give it a big thumbs up!

    Curtis Davis, Highbury, London

  • To become more conscious and afterwards make others more conscious too and tell the experience that I have of reading that book. Also making them know that we are not the only ones in this solar system and that out of all the other planets that exist, we are the worst at the moment.

    Erica Jazmin Martinez, Amazon region Colombia

  • Been thinking about the world and what occurs and what we are doing to it for a long time. Just shows the facts to what we are doing and what we need to change for our sake. Very good read and hope people take notice.

    Lee Meyler, Walworth, London

  • After reading this book I realise scientists are really scaring us but humans need to know the truth. I really agree to the author of this book and may god richly bless him for his contribution to this world.

    Akua Afiyie Manu, London

  • The book was very good; I like it very much because it speaks with sincerity.

    Dani Maresol Lozano Monroy, student, Mexico

  • We have a big important role in this planet. I consider that in my short age I could achieve a lot of objectives that can help save this planet.“

    Dayana Cedno, Panama

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