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Answering the essential question: After reading this book what will you do from now on?


  • An interesting perspective to consider in our era of unexplained natural disasters. A refreshing view on how humanity can redeem itself. Elegantly written in a crystal clear vision, which has given me the urge to investigate ‘Astral Unfolding’.

    Nadash Elisia Bruce, Edinburgh

  • After reading this book I feel the same agony as the author seeing how our planet is, even though all of us don’t destroy, all of us are affected by what is happening.

    Nestor Montero Alonso Gonawinke Bernaka Etnia Wiwa Indigenous Community Sierra Nevada South America

  • Thought it was a very interesting book…. I found the facts about the cracks on the sea beds very interesting. Makes complete sense when you think about it

    Charlene McPadden, Hamilton, Scotland

  • After reading this book, we can see that today’s world is blind, only thinking of the material power without the knowledge that it is finishing off this beautiful world that is worth taking care of, so that future generations can live and tell wonderful things about this planet. A lot of destruction to achieve power and at the end of life we just go with empty hands.

    Jose Enrique Araujo, Teacher of the Indigenous community of Konchurua South America

  • After reading this book I will share the information I have drawn from it with others. I am now intrigued to find out more on this topic.

    Miss S Pecco, London

  • Extremely interesting reading. It allows other thoughts to be developed about other planets and other forms of life

    Juleigh Malcolm, Perth, Scotland

  • I have begun to start to have more consciousness of the damage that we are doing to the planet, but this is not only one person or neither one country, it is all the planet. To learn to value what we have and first of all look after it like our own life.

    Oscar Junior Torres Jimenez, Indigenous community in the Amazon, Colombia

  • Although I found some ideas quiet radical, the overall message was one I will take on board.

    Mankedar Scott, London

  • I like this very much because it speaks of everything about us, of our world. For me it will be very important that all the world reads this book, for me it was enormously fascinating

    Daniela Melissa Gomez Perez, student, Mexico

  • Always been interested on these things, for sure I’m going to give this book to a lot of my friends. Hope will help a lot of humanity

    Sarah Tran, London

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